ART is my oxygen...
it lets me breathe.

WRITING is my sustenance...
it feeds my soul.

Mary Paladin

Friday, January 8, 2010

New year, New thoughts

When the old paper calendar is taken from the inside of our kitchen cabinet (you know the one with the app'ts, scribbles and 'prospect' notes that control our lives)and the new one put up in its place, I get a feeling of excitement. A new year, a chance to start fresh!
When I removed our calendar this year(Norman Rockwell I must add)I got that same old rush as I do every year. Time to clean closets! Time to get organized! Time to lose weight(yeah, right)! This year, although excited, I promised none of those things to myself. Instead, this year I will take it as it comes...I'll do my best, I'll push myself(because that is what I do anyway) and I will not make promises to myself so I feel lousy if one or two are not acheived (the weight one, never is!).
TwentyTen will be a good one...I can feel it. It will be good because it is- not because I promised myself to make it that way!

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