ART is my oxygen...
it lets me breathe.

WRITING is my sustenance...
it feeds my soul.

Mary Paladin

Monday, July 13, 2009


As the saying goes, "all things worth having are worth waiting for" has proven to be true.

My book, The Adirondacks that are the Other half of Me has come out! FINALLY!!! It is gorgeous (can you tell it is my first book?!?!?!). It hit Amazon on June 26th; I have had a book signing in Lake Placid (my first one ever!) and I am out and about marketing like crazy! It is already 'a hit' locally, with many kind and generous reviews. I must now however, make contact and ask everyone who has been so lovely with their feedback to go to Amazon and log their review there! It never occurred to me until last night that I should have been mentioning that to each and every one! My excitement was almost too much to contain(oh brother...).

My next signing is in Inlet, NY @ the Adirondack Reader on the 19th 11am-1pm. I hope anyone who is in that area can stop by-even just to say hi!

Thanks to those of you kind enough to comment on my blog; I truly appreciate it. My apologies if I don't respond promptly; I am not as diligent with my blog entries as I had intended to be (I strive to be a techno contemporary, but I fail miserably at times); your comments don't go unnoticed and I am grateful for them!

It is a gorgeous day here in the Adirondacks so I must rush out and get some of that elusive sunshine!!!


Joy H. said...

How exciting for you, Mary! I hope I'll get to see a copy of your book in our local stores in the towns around Lake George. -Joy H. of Glens Falls

Joy H. said...

PS-I also look forward to seeing you at the Chronicle Book Fair in November. -Joy