ART is my oxygen...
it lets me breathe.

WRITING is my sustenance...
it feeds my soul.

Mary Paladin

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here it is!!!!!!!!

I recieved the proof of my book cover and wanted to get it out there for all to see!

I think it looks great! The cover photo of Brant Lake, NY was taken by my husband and it is striking. The lettering of the title is discreet and will make readers pick up the book to have a closer look.

I am thrilled and am even more anxious than before to get the finished product in my hands...
Won't be long now!
(Yeah, I know I am starting to sound like a parrot but, please bear with me!)


Joy H. said...

Mary - Your book-cover is beautiful. A nice choice for an attractive book.
Best of luck,
PS-I'm sending this a second time as an experiment to see how different modes work.

Audrey said...

Mary: The cover looks great and I wish you the best with the book signing -- I would love to meet you perhaps at the Chronicle Book Fair in November.

~~seadancer~~ said...

Yes! We can all meet at the Chronicle Book Fair and have a party. :)
-Joy H. of Glens Falls
[aka seadancer]