ART is my oxygen...
it lets me breathe.

WRITING is my sustenance...
it feeds my soul.

Mary Paladin

Monday, May 3, 2010


It won't be long now until my newly designed website will go live; I am very excited! Months have gone by since I started to try and build it myself- to no avail... Well, there was a bit of progress but not enough to shake the timbers. I recently hired a web designer and things are rolling along very well! Nearly completed, it will feature my books, my artwork and my events. I am very excited about it and I feel as though I have really stepped into the new century- a decade into that century-yikes!

Bear with me once it does hit cyberspace because I will be a bit of a nuisance with its promotion. Feels somewhat like I hit the virtual lottery in Candyland! (It is very brightly colored... =)

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