ART is my oxygen...
it lets me breathe.

WRITING is my sustenance...
it feeds my soul.

Mary Paladin

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Happening!

My first book is coming out in Spring '09! I am very excited!
"The Adirondacks that are, The Other Half of Me" will be available through Amazon and various other online sites as well as brick and mortar stores.
I have a few signings scheduled already and I will keep the locations updated as I get them.

If you live in upstate New York, I hope to see you this summer as I make my rounds... if you live here in PA I am working on some local events as well.

Here is a brief summary of my book:

This book is filled with wonderful, and humorous, memories of the author's summer residency in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. A place that provides the feeling of home. A place that brings forth an emotion that burrows deep inside and never leaves. Anyone who lives in, loves, and visits the Adirondacks understands what that means and, have cherished recollections of their very own. The Other Half of Me will bring a nod, a smile, maybe even a chuckle, to you. In a region so vast, the adventures, memories and observations are, in the scope of things, very compact. Because of that, lovers of this gorgeous place connect through them. This book is an example of that fact.

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